St. James Lutheran Church

Our Traditional Sunday Worship Service begins at 9:30 am.
St. James Lutheran Church is located just a block from Main Street at 14 S. Benedum St. in Union Bridge, MD.

This site is dedicated to the memory of David Michael Reese, son of Michael and Shawn Smith Reese.

St. James Lutheran Church has been serving the Union Bridge community since the cornerstone was laid May 24, 1883, and the church was dedicated January 1, 1884. It is a member of the Delaware-Maryland synod of the ELCA. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is the largest Lutheran body in the United States, visit for further information.

Rev. Richard Michael retired on November 1, 2017 after leading our congregation for 43 years. We all miss him very much.

Beginning June 1st, 2018, Pastor Peter Roy became our Interim Minister. He has served as our Stated Supply Pastor since November 2017. We welcomed Pastor Pete and his family on Sunday June 3rd, with a coffee social.

Some of the most effective ways we have distinguished our church is the St. James Food Pantry which provides food and personal hygiene products, and Kim's Closet which provides clothing, shoes, etc. for the Union Bridge community in need.

Browse our Web site for more information about St. James Lutheran Church. If you have any questions or would like to contact a representative of St. James Lutheran Church please e-mail us at or for Emergencies Only,
Pastor Peter Roy: 570-710-0321 or Council President Pam Fink: 410-861-5567

Richard Eichman, a locally known artist, poet, our organist for decades and lifelong member of St. James Lutheran Church wrote this poem:

Written for the Centennial Celebration of St. James Lutheran Church
by Richard Eichman

On the Foundation of the Church:
Our Church is built upon a Rock;
Christ is that living Stone.
One Shepherd only leads our flock,
By whom His sheep are known.

On Justification by Grace through Faith versus Works:
Lost is the man who boldly brags
His works his soul can save;
Our righteous deeds, like filthy rags,
Will rot within the grave.
To righteousness our only claim
Is through the One who died,
Who sinless, sin for us became,
And sinners justified.

On Authority of Scripture:
Let Scripture be our only guide,
Since Scripture comes from God;
We shun the doctrines men decide
At vain tradition's nod. On the Translation of Scripture
Faith comes by hearing, which in turn
Comes by God's Holy Word.
That cloth and lay may read and learn
We thank Thee, Gracious Lord .