About St. James

St. James Lutheran Church offers the quiet intimacy
of a small town quaint traditional church.

Our History

(UNION BRIDGE CHARGE.) Rev. W. 0. Ibach, Pastor.

In the summer of 1881, John W. Angel, Abram E. Null, H. II. Rowe, members of
Mount Union, and Rev. D. B. Floyd, pastor at Uniontown, began to agitate the
question of building a Lutheran church at Union Bridge. D. C. Derr, a Lutheran,
and Professor James Yates,- a Presbyterian, residents of the town, cooperated.
October 23, 1881, at a congregational meeting at Mount Union, it was decided to
disband as a congregation and unite with the Lutherans in and around Union Bridge
in an effort to build in the growing town. That same evening Rev. D. B. Floyd
preached the first Lutheran sermon there and continued the services every two weeks, the little band worshiping in Ander's Hall. Twenty-one Lutherans in the place united with those from Mount Union and a committee was appointed to secure a lot and funds for building. At a meeting of the Middle Conference of the Maryland Synod at Taneytown,

October. 1881, a committee consisting of Revs. D. B. Floyd, George Diehl. D.D.. H. W. Kuhns, John W. Angel, and D. C. Derr, was appointed to encourage the movement. The removal of the chairman of this committee from the bounds of the Synod delayed the work.

The corner stone was laid May 24, 1883, and the church was dedicated January 1, 1884, at the cost of $4,000.

Some of the members at Mount Union who had voted to remove to Union Bridge, changed their minds and remained with the old church. This was followed by a reorganization at Union Bridge and weakened the young congregation. During the summer of 1884 and winter of 1885 the new church was supplied from the seminary at Gettysburg. In May, 1885, Rev. C. L. T.

Fisher was elected pastor and assumed charge.

26 REV. W. O. IBACH.