Rev. Peter Roy

Beginning June 1st, 2018, Pastor Peter Roy became our Interim Minister. He has served as our Stated Supply Pastor since November 2017. We welcomed Pastor Pete and his family on Sunday June 3rd, with a coffee social.


Rev. Richard Michael

Rev. Richard Michael retired on November 1, 2017 after leading our congregation for 43 years. Notice Reverend Richard Michael's life's consistent pattern of service.

1973-1989, Reverend Michael served as treasurer, secretary & president of the Union Bridge Ministerium. 1974-1976 he served the in Westminster Ministerium, with a Saturday morning taped show for the Radio Ministry.  From 1989  he served as secretary and president of the Greater Pipe Creek Area Ministerium.

Beginning in 1974  he taught first aid & CPR at Lehigh. 1975 through 1981 he served on the Synod Executive Board (now the Synod Council.) He served on the Board of Directors of the Heart Association 1976-1978.

Wearing a different hat, he has been Fire Chief (1978) of the Union Bridge Fire Department, where he also served as ambulance Captain from 1980-1993 and again from 1996-1997. He has served as chaplain from 1974-1998, with the exception of 2 years in which he served as Assistant Chaplin. Keeping his head even in emergencies, He delivered the first of the Gaver triplets (in an ambulance!)

These are but a few highlights from Pastor Michael’s many years of service. August 1984 through June 1991 he served as the Chaplain at Carroll Lutheran Village. He has performed the time consuming tasks of typing out church bulletins and composing newsletters, baking bread for the communion services and all the food preparation for Passover Seder. Until he was finally relieved of most of these responsibilities.

With his versatility, he has done the lighting and audio work for synod conventions. For the 100th Anniversary of the Carroll County 4 H Fair he performed a wedding ceremony which demonstrated one of the old traditions of the fair.

From 1993 thru 2015 Rev. Richard Michael took on the task as  minister at Mount Union, doubling his responsibilities.

As adjunct faculty member, from 1994 to the present, he has taught adult education in First Aid at Carroll Community College.

A heroic figure, Rev. Richard Michael has continually met our churches and community members’ spiritual, emotional and even physical needs, both great and small.

Somehow Richard & Carolyn, a dedicated teacher and minister’s wife,  managed to raise three wonderful children, Tom, Jennifer and Tiffany.

Then Rev. Richard Michael suffered in ways that only Job (refer to the Old Testament book) could comprehend. The terrible illnesses of his wife, his daughter and himself, and the death of his beloved wife, Caroline.

Many years passed and somehow he continued his life of service to churches and the community. He married Eva in 2013, and he and Eva are enjoying four lovely grandchildren.

On November 1 2017, Rev. Richard Michael retired as our minister, and he will be missed. We wish their entire family the very best!